I was on a journey of finding myself and discovering my life path as you and this journey took years. I didn’t found my life path in one day as you may think. I kept saying “I want to find my mission and my life path.” and I thought I would get a regular job, nothing special, nothing new, a boring job. I had no idea that I would become a numerologist and tarot reader and find a career that is new every day, nothing is boring and everything is special.


I started experimenting numerology on me and my mother and everything was true and then I started looking how to use numerology in business. How numerology can help a business and I discovered that I can align a brand with numerology. Align the business name with the business vision, align the site name with the vision, chose the right colors to represent the brand and vision, promote on the right day and so on.


Then I felt like numerology is not enough. I felt like there are more tools to use to help people understand their life and heal and I started researching and I came across tarot and runes which I heard of since I was little, but I wasn’t interested at that time to see how they work and what information they can give, and latter I discovered oracle cards.





I realized that my mission is to inspire change. To inspire you to change your life for better. I believe that you will find my site at the right time, when you are ready to change. No one can change your life, you are the only one who can do it, I only give you the information you need.

Are you ready?

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