I decided to write this post because I just saw a Facebook ad for up to 70% discount on books and free shipping on a big online store. And of course I couldn’t resist and clicked the ad.

While I’m scrolling down to see their offers I saw a pack of 2 books sold at a “discounted” price and on the next row were the same 2 books but sold separately.  Guess what…The pack was more expensive than buying the 2 books separate. :O

Before starting blogging and Youtube I was a clothing store owner. I did fair discounts. When I wrote 20% off it really was 20% off not as many stores do, saying a discount percentage but they actually have no discounts or even increase the prices.

Being a store owner, I don’t understand how they can lie to their customers, fool them and play with their hard earned money. People who choose to buy from discounts usually can’t afford the product on its full price. I never understood this side of business of fooling people and not caring for the customer.

Even though I studied marketing and owned a store, is hard to really know if that promotion is a fair one. So here as some of my tips to help you decide if is a real discount of not.

  1. Make a wishlist
  2. Monitor the prices from your wishlist on different stores (online or not)
  3. Know the average price and the shipping fee
  4. On discount periods check out multiple stores
  5. Look for the reason of the discount (it can be Black Friday so is a general discount period, or if only that product is discounted make sure it wasn’t returned, have accessories missing  or other problems)
  6. If you don’t know the reason of the discount, you have to assume the risk (everything can be fine, but also you can have some unpleasant surprises)
  7. Think is you really need that product and if you can afford it
  8. If you can’t afford it now, wait for the next time. You already know the discounted price and next time you can ,maybe, find it at a bigger discount 😉

As you saw, you need to do a little research for the product you want to buy. Stay tuned to find out why I quit my retail business.

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