Many people think to start a blog to earn an income or just share their thoughts. You choose a blogging platform, choose a theme for your blog, upload your logo (if you want to have a logo) and post your first post. Looks very simple, right? Well…Everyone who starts a blog want an audience, otherwise you would write in your own journal/diary.

You just posted your first blog post and you are looking at the screen of your computer  and keep refreshing your e-mail inbox waiting to see a like, a comment, some views and of course, subscribers. But none of this is happening.

The reality is that if you want a successful blog, you have to keep posting, create social media accounts and be active on it, find the right #tags for you and a nish. The most popular blogs now are the fashion, beauty and makeup blogs and DIY. So if you want to make a  beauty blog you have to find something new in order to get followers. Also if you choose a not so popular blogging subject you have to work hard . But the most important is to choose a subject that you care about and you look to learn something new about it every day so you can offer your audience great and interesting content.

Every blogger need people to comment and guide them about what to write next, what they like, what helped them, what they need next. When I post a research about a disease or disorder and a person who suffered from it or is currently dealing with it comment and tell me that the symptoms, feeling and intentions are exactly what they feel, for me is like winning the lottery and a sign that I did the right thing. Having that person’s comment will help other people who are reading that post understand if they are suffering from the same thing or not, because that post just got validated by that single comment confirming it.

Bloggers should support each other and succeed together.  When a blogger read and comment on my posts and ask for my option on their blog, I check out their blog, let a comment there and tell them my opinion and if I have some tips how they can improve their blog, I gladly share it.

Blogging should be a friendly environment, where we create content for our audience and help us, as bloggers.

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