I tried different domains, even business, but nothing fits me better than helping people understand themselves and heal from their past.

Of course is not easy, but I love what I’m doing.

First, you have to understand that everyone have a soul-therapist as you have a soulmate, you just have to find the right one.

Through my Twitter and Instagram I received some questions and I want to answer them here.

How do I know which therapist is the right one for me?

Well…For example, if you are a religious person you have to find a therapist as religious as you so you can both incorporate religion into the therapy and help you in the healing process. Also if you don’t feel comfortable with the therapist in the first sessions this is a sign that you have to find a new therapist.

If I am diagnosed with a mental disorder or illness, should I feel less important than others?

No. Is good that you discovered your problem and you can treat it. You are as important as any other human on this planet.

Can I recover from depression?

Yes. Is a long road, but not impossible. Is important to find and understand what started your depression.

Will the therapist consider me weird if I confess them my crazy experience?

I won’t consider you weird at all and most therapist don’t judge their patients.

Why you always say “patients” and not “clients”?

The answer is very simple. I don’t say clients because I don’t see you as a customer. I’m not trying to convince you to buy what I sell.  I consider you my patient because you have a problem and you are looking for a “treatment” to cure it , you are not looking to buy a product.

What kind of patients did you had until now?

I had people who suffered from depression, anorexia, overeating, I also had people who didn’t realized that their marriage was over, there was no love anymore, and they were cheating the husband/wife unconsciously,  I had people contacting me for anger management, insomnia, and the list goes on.

Why did you choose online environment instead of an office?

Some people don’t want to be seen entering a therapist’s office for whatever reason and they skip resolving their issues. So online no one knows you are currently in a session for, let’s say, anger management. If someone sees you texting, they can think you reply to a Facebook comment or you are texting to a friend. Also helping you online reduced the amount I charge per session because I don’t have to pay to rent or buy an office, electricity, gas etc. I can be grocery shopping and texting you from my phone while I pick my tomatoes 🙂 Also you can be grocery shopping and texting to me. Is time convenient for both of us.

If you have other questions you can leave it in a comment below or on my social media accounts.

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