How many of you stress out about financial issues?

How many of you stress out about health?

How many of you stress yout about the number of social media followers?

I stressed out about  everything. I want to solve the problems very quick and the way I want, but never happened like this. Most of the time when I stressed out about something I failed.

– MONEY – 

My financial situation is a rollercoaster and I never know my monthly income, which cause some insecurities.  For a few months I stressed out so much about my money that I barely had enough money for food. But last month I start relaxing and I saw I ended the month with $50 savings. I didn’t planned to save money, I never was good at saving.

The secret is that I stopped counting my money, but I didn’t spend it like crazy, I just bought what I needed, nothing too expensive and if I had enough money in bank account I didn’t transfer anything from Paypal. And when I looked in my Paypal I saw I had $50 from different sources.

My last month activity wasn’t different from the previous months so my income wasn’t bigger.


Stress and health don’t get along together. Most of the time when you are stressed you noticed that you can’t sleep or if you sleep you don’t feel rested and full of energy, you are always tired, angry, your hair start falling out, you don’t enjoy spending time with your friends anymore.

Most experts say that stress cause diseases, even help cancer develop in your body. As you saw in my previous section about money, you have no reason to to stress out.


Social media is even harder if you have an online business and you are not just sharing photos with your friends.

Even if you share photos with friends through social media, you stressed about how many people liked your photos, how many commented, why some of them have no reaction and so on.

If you have an online business, you know that the success of your business and your income depends on the number of followers and their interaction with you on social media. Here I observed that everytime I check out my accounts to see the number of followers (checking out a few time a day), the number of followers dicrease 😦 and I go into that stress out mode, freaking out why the number of followers decreased when I post often.


The secret is the energy you project into the Universe. Instead of sending, positive, calm, happy energy, you send negative, angry, agitated energy and this is what you get: a lot of negativity and anger.

Try to be calm and relax and you will see things will get better and you will feel better too.

As you see, stress block you from living your life and enjoy your life, also stress cause more problems, anger and health issues.

What are your tips for relaxing?

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