Is not an easy post to write, but I think this tragedy should be a wake up call for the world. On July 20 2017 Chester Bennington the lead singer from Linkin Park commits suicide in his own home at only 41 years old.

If we look at the big picture, he was an artist that had millions of fans, millions of people who love his music and also millions in his bank account, kids and a loving wife. In this picture we have a perfect life and no reason for suicide. Right?

Now let’s look at the details. Having millions of people following you is not easy, there is a lot of pressure for being perfect, reach their expectations, they expect you to expose your whole life on social media.

In the film Artifact Chester complained about the music industry and the record labels  who “don’t care about the artist” and this add a feeling of being used, as a toy, for making money.  Then in his last interview he admitted his battle with depression. At that moment he said he choose to fight.

The 3 abuses he went through his life were:

  1. he was sexually abused
  2. he abused alcohol
  3. drug use

His parents divorced when he was young, he was sexually abused by a older friend in childhood, he suffered from depression, he has alcohol and drug use, he complained about his own mind as being another evil Chester inside his head.

Here is his biggest scream for help and I don’t know if he ever received psychotherapy.

I listen to Linkin Park and I’m very sad about Chester’s decision, but I’m not very shocked, the signs were obvious. 😦

If you have problems, come talk with me. People who are dealing with suicidal thoughts won’t be charged the usual amount. For this problem is always free, just reach out to me on social media. Your life is important! Let’s talk!

RIP Chester Bennington

If you have any type of question about lifestyle, mental health or life in general and need an advice or a person to talk to contact me at one of the links below or book a text chat here.

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