Forgiving doesn’t mean you have to like the past. Learn how to forgive in the right way

Many people think that to forgive means to like what happened to you, to like the abuse, humiliation, abandon, lies and all the bad things that happened to you. This is not true! You don’t have to like the ugly past.

Forgiving is giving yourself permission to start living a happy life. you have to accept that you can’t change the past, but you can change your future.

Everyone of us experienced bad things in our past. These events can vary from a cashier being unfriendly to lies and cheat from your spouse or partner. I know is very hard to forgive someone who hurt you even killed a loved one and of course, you will never forget or like this, but as I said, forgiving doesn’t mean liking the event, is accepting that it happened, you can’t change it and is not your fault.

Many people carry on the guilt of their past, some of them even today question if they deserve it or not and I will answer to your question: “No. You don’t deserve it and is not your fault.

That event happened and you have to learn a life lesson from it. If a friend cheat your trust or use you to benefit teaches you that you don’t have to accept these people in your life, you don’t have to call them friends and you will recognize a fake friend easily next time when they will appear.

Emotional and psychological abuse takes as much time as physical abuse to heal and to forgive.

Forgiveness is making peace with your life and your soul, not with the person that hurt you. Say in your mind “I forgive you.” and move on with your life.

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