Many people dream of a career in blogging. You are your own boss, no night shifts, no annoying coworkers, you are always paid, you are in control of your work schedule and income.

10222419-331979650_4-s1-v1There are 2 ways of having success as a blogger. some people say it should be 100% passion and not consider it a business and others say to have success blogging you should consider it a business.

I think it’s a combination of these 2 ways: 70% passion and 30% business. If you don’t treat your blog as a business you will never get a living from it, you will blog for free your entire life.


Seriously, if you are passionate about something of course you want to live by doing what you love and this is important to have that 30% business in mind. Blogging involves a schedule as any other job and because you know you can’t be fired or having a boss screaming at you, you tend to relax too much and not get things done. So you need a schedule and discipline ( HOW TO BE DISCIPLINED WHEN YOU HAVE AN ONLINE JOB).


Having success means to have growing number of readers and engagements. People need to respond to your posts, like, comment, download and purchase what you put out.  Also an important thing is to be honest with your audience. Tell them what post is a promotion so you are paid by that company to talk about their products or services, tell your audience that the discount code will bring you a commission for every purchase, that Amazon link will bring you a commission too for every purchase. All these incomes generated by your audience will help you generate more content at a higher quality because you can invest in a better software, better camera, make the blog more user friendly and easy to access, etc.

Here are some tips for bloggers:

  1. Be grateful for the audience you have. It will grow in time
  2. Work hard
  3. Never stop
  4. Deliver your best every time
  5. Care about your audience
  6. Respond to their comments
  7. Be you audience’s friend they never had

What are your tips to be a successful blogger?

Love Ally Fortis

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