What is intuition and how to use it

Is hard to understand something you can’t touch or see. Intuition is always there but you can’t see it or touch it, but you can feel it.

To feel it, we have to let go of the distractions like people, deadlines, stress, pressure, etc. and take a quiet moment to relax and listen to our soul. The soul is the intuition. I’m sure you felt like someone told you to do it or not to do it, but you didn’t listen and you choose the wrong path and regretted it later. That was your intuition.

I know what I said can be a little confusing for some of you. Intuition is a voice but auditory hallucinations are voices too. How do you recognize if the voice you experience is intuition or a mental problem? I will talk about this Thursday. Make sure you follow this blog to don’t miss the post.

People come and go in our lives, but intuition is always there, guiding us through hard times. Sometimes the voice is really loud , sometimes is a whisper and is hard to hear. Sometimes we don’t hear the scream of our intuition, but how do we hear the soft whispers? Stop from what you are doing, get out from the crowded and loud office, go to a quiet and peaceful place and ask the question you need an answer to, your intuition will respond to you. If the response don’t come immediately, don’t take that important decision on that impulse moment. Wait a few hours or days and for sure the answer will come. You will get the answer at the right time.

Understanding your intuition takes time and practice, but for sure you will master it.

What are your tips to listen and connect with your soul and self?

Love Ally Fortis

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