The secret of blog success: How to be a successful blogger – 5 easy steps

Every blogger what to have success, but what is the secret for the success we want?

Well…The secret is not actually a secret, we all know it but is hard to stick to it and that is consistency. You have to be consistent to have success in everything you want to do. Blogging need consistency. People want to hear from you often so they will keep visiting your blog or subscribe to it. If you post once a month or less your audience will decrease to 0 and no one will visit your blog.

I know you will have a block  where your head will be empty and no matter how hard you try no idea will come. For these moments you have a special tool: schedule. I don’t know how other blogging platforms work but WordPress have a schedule tool, here you can write 10 posts today and schedule it for the next 10 days at ny hour you want and if you hit an inspiration block during these 10 days your blog will still be active and posting.

Another key is to have original content. People want to read something different not the same thing over and over again. If you offer them something new, for sure they will come back to your blog or even subscribe to it.

Blogging need some images to illustrate your words, but this doesn’t mean you have to be a photographer or hire one. It’s ok to use the camera from your phone, most phones have good cameras and the idea is to create an image not a photography contest. You can invest in a camera or a photographer later when your blog start to bring some income and you can afford it, or you can still keep is simple, taking pictures with your phone.

Another important tip for success is to find a niche to write for. You can be a fashion blogger, or write recipes, nutrition, you can be a student and write about your journey in university, you can write about mental health, make up, etc. The key is to write about something that you are passionate about and you won’t get bored after the second blog post. Finding something that you really like will help you give 100% for every post and to keep learning about that thing everyday. In my case, I write about mental health, motivation and some blogging tips.

Love Ally Fortis

If you have any type of question about lifestyle, mental health or life in general and need an advice or a person to talk to contact me at one of the links below or book a text chat here.

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6 thoughts on “The secret of blog success: How to be a successful blogger – 5 easy steps

    1. I’m happy my post helped you. Yes, consistency is one of the hardest habits to stick with, I still try to be consistent on my block but is not easy. I know school is hard but you will do great.


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