How to obtain quality content on a budget – How important is the quality of your content?

To answer, is very important, but this doesn’t mean you have to stop building your GirlBoss empire because you can’t invest a fortune in a good camera, buy software, buy new furniture so your bedroom looks like an office, pay a manager, a photographer and other staff people. You can create quality content in your bedroom with your old laptop and here is how to do it.

For vloggers

Now phones have pretty good cameras so you can take good photos and film decent videos and to make it even more pretty, you don’t need professional expensive lighting, all you need is the sun. Take the pictures or film in from of a large window or even outside. Many times natural lighting is better than the professional lightings. Even big and rich vloggers choose natural lighting which is free by the way.

We all know that if you choose to vlog as a business another important thing for high quality content is a tripod. Is better if your hand is not shaking and you have a stable and clean video and for this you need a tripod. There are very expensive tripods or one that cost like $20. If you can’t afford to buy the $20 tripod, here is a tip for you: you can use a lot of books to add height and act like a tripod, no one will know.

Now that we filmed the video we have to edit it. Hmmm…I don’t have a great software or a Macbook, how should I supposed to edit it? Use every video editing software you have, even if is Windows Movie Maker. All you need is to add some text, music and cut little parts of the video that you don’t like or the bloopers. So for the Windows Movie Maker is more than enough.

And now after you edited and saved the video, upload it to Youtube and don’t forget to share it to social media.

For bloggers

For bloggers can be a little easier working on a budget. Of course buying a site domain and a theme for your blog can be expensive, but you don’t have to do it. Just create a WordPress account and start writing, but let’s take it step by step:

  1. Sign up to a blogging platform
  2. Choose your blog’s name
  3. Choose from the free themes
  4. Change the colors and customize the theme.
  5. Don’t forget to add on the sidebar the follow button so people can follow you and get notification when you post
  6. Create a logo: here you need just imagination because there are a lot of photo editing tools online for free.
  7. Just write
  8. Add tags to your post
  9. Publish
  10. Share your post and blog on social media

This is what you can do with almost $0 investment and also this is how I started, from my small bedroom with an Acer laptop and Windows Movie Maker. Creativity is the only tool you need and you already have it.

How do you started or what are your plans to start your online empire?



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