The 1 mistake we do about the new year that impact our lives

New Year is getting closer and everyone is busy, getting a new planner, setting goals, setting new year’s resolution, planning and dreaming, but there’s 1 mistake we all do and I did it too, until now. The mistake is that we declare 2018 the best year ever. WRONG!

You send into the Universe that 2018 will be the best year ever, so this means there won’t be better years because 2018 should be the best ever. You should say that 2018 is the best year to start and grow and not the best year ever. I see it on so many planners, prints, wallpapers and so on that 2018 is the best year ever. If you really want to use these words you can say that 2018 is the best year until now, so a better year (2019) will follow up, but if you lock 2018 as you best year ever, you will stop growing on every level, whether is spiritual, emotional or even business.

Every word you say and every wish you send into the Universe will come back to you as you said it. So be careful what you wish for. 2018 is the perfect year to grow, to start a new habit, to stop a bad habit, get better grades, go back to school, open a business, grow your business, buy a house, increase your income, get the job you always wanted, explore yourself, make new friends and so on, but don’t lock it as the best year ever. This is a huge mistake.

And also don’t wish for courage or strength because in order to get them the Universe have to put you on difficult situations where you are forced to be courageous and have strength to move on.  So you won’t just wake up the next day more courageous than you were last night.

Is better to live in the present and don’t wish for something you don’t know or fully understand. Set realistic goals, make a to do list, write down some ideas on how you can grow your business, but don’t ask for something you don’t know or really need.

I hope you will have a great 2018 and you are on your way to a better life.



2 thoughts on “The 1 mistake we do about the new year that impact our lives

  1. I wish you a great awesome wonderful 2018. May it grant all that you wish and work for! A small thing I’m doing on top of my goals list, is my stop list. Things that I constantly (or less constantly) do that keep me derail from my goals. That may be little thing like that last glass of wine I should not have drank to the travel booking I should have done sooner to avoid higher prices. Simple, but not that easy 🙂


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