Start A Business Or Grow Your Business. Which Is The Most Important Step?

These 2 are very important steps in your business journey, but which one is the most important? I see everywhere coaches and mentors that teach you how to grow your business, but you don’t have a business yet and don’t know how to start it, so growing your business coaching is useless because you have nothing to grow. I receive tons of questions about:

  • how to start?
  • how to open a blog?
  • what business domain to choose?
  • how to post a blog post?
  • how to open a site?
  • how to open an online store?
  • can you do it all in one place?
  • why WordPress don’t work for everything you want to do?

And the questions are endless.

People want help to start their business and then they will grow it.  You can’t grow something you don’t have. So starting your business is the most important step. This is why I launched my mentoring programs where i will help you start your business. Many coaches or mentors have weekly sessions , but I think this is not enough help if you start your online business now, so I have daily sessions on Facebook and e-mail (which one is convenient for you) where you can reach out to me whenever you have a problem building your  business.

We will talk about your nische, clients, passion, purpose, business name, business cards, theme color, blog ideas, social media for your business, brand or personal brand (which one to choose), how often to post and much more.


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