The unseen part of fast business growth. You need to know this before you dream of a million dollar business

Lately I’ve seen a lot of coaches and clients saying that they reached $10k in the first business month and I was a little shocked and curious. How can you reach $10k in your first business month when no one knows you? In my first business month I made $0 who other people made $10k or even more? Here is what I found after 11 hours of research, questions, reading, observation, conversations and I made some people hate me 😛

“Did you have plastic surgery? 


-“Do you advertise online?”


This is how I see the situation. People who claim they made $10k in their first business month don’t tell you the full truth, which can be that they used ads and invested thousands in online ads, they may already have a pretty big community or following from prior businesses, they are trying for 4, 6 or even 8 years to build their online business so they didn’t started the business now and made $10k in the first month, they attend networking events and had the opportunity to talk to people and find clients there, they may raise their prices, let’s say from $150 to $1000, so now they need only 10 clients to make $10k and not 66 clients if they kept the price at $150 and the list goes on.

As you see if you don’t have any contacts or followers or money to invest in ads you won’t make $10k not even in the first 6 months of your business. You see testimonials like “I made $10k in one month!” but no one tell you how that person made this amount of money. Maybe they invested $10k in ads and get $10k from seles and $10k in sales – $10k in ads = $0 profit so they don’t have $10k to spend on a fancy vacation as you may think.

People hide these little details because just saying that they made $10k in one month makes them seem credible and make people ask how and they will say I hired a coach or I took this online course.

I also did an online research and most of the people said they used ads to grow their business but no one saied how much they invested in ads. People who invested hundreds say the das didn’t helped them at all.

I’m not a big fan of ads because they are very expensive and not guaranteed. I prefer to grow a business with $0 and organically, of course this takes time, but you want to have a solid foundation and not to pay ads for every service or product you put out there because you have no audience. I’m all about teaching people how to start and build their business with $0 and organically without ads.

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