The Power of Personal Creation

Written by Sanya Minocha

You may have heard about the term “Law of Attraction” or the “Law of Mirroring”. It gained extreme popularity after the book and film “The Secret” was released. I read the book and while it was my introduction to a really incredible power I had at my disposal, I didn’t quite feel empowered.

It wasn’t until I started learning from spiritual teacher and author, Teal Swan, that I really understood the power of the “Law of Mirroring”. Since then, I’ve read many books about it, and experimented with the concept on multiple aspects of my own life! I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, and whether there really was an underutilized power within myself.

The “Law of Mirroring” or “Law of Attraction” simply means that our reality is a mirror of the thoughts we hold internally.

We are all personal creators, creating our own subjective realities in each moment (consciously or subconsciously). Whether you believe in this power or not, it is a law that governs our time-space reality. It works sort of like a magnet. Every dominant vibration that we hold internally, is simply mirrored by the universe, externally. What does this mean? This means that the universe always says YES. If you have an extremely strong belief inside your subconscious about money being evil, or that it takes a lot of hard work to earn money, you’ll be sure to spend your entire life working extremely hard to make money. There’s no doubt about it. But the good news is, this also means that if we hold dominant thoughts and vibrations within us that are long the lines of “I’m worthy”, we’ll come across situations and people that reinforce this belief.

The way I see it, the universe holds the lock and we hold the key. The key symbolizes our personal desires and so is forever changing. The universe co-creates with us, and with an attitude of “YES!”, it always provides our key (or our personal desires) with the exact lock which enables us to access the experience or the feeling we’re hoping to have. It’s flexible and ALWAYS provides us with the perfect hole for the key. It really isn’t concerned with whether you’re holding a desire that causing you more harm than good. No matter what, it’s saying YES.

I really want you to understand this, so I’m going to ask you to read this again: The universe is always saying YES. It’s our silent partner and works alongside us to manifest our dreams.

You have in your hands, the power of personal creation. And it’s totally up to you, to use this to your advantage. But the very first step required in the process is to become conscious of this power.

So, let’s play!

I’m going to give you an experiment. There’s no better way of explaining the power of personal creation than for you to experience it yourself. I want you to close your eyes and think about a blue feather. Visualize the exact color and texture. Visualize the size. Imagine holding it in your hand and waving it in the air. While you do this, think about how this feather makes you feel. It’s important to associate an emotion with the feather. Does it make you feel calm, excited or happy? Now release the thought, let it go.

Now I want you to repeat this process every night before going to bed for 1 minute. Using all 5 senses, visualize this feather and really feel it in your hands. And then let it go.

Follow this experiment for 15 days and see what happens.

You will at some point within those 15 days, manifest a blue feather for yourself. It is really is that simple.

And here’s the reason why it works: (And if you’re really catching on to what I’m hinting at, you’ll use this formula to play with the power of personal creation for everything else that you desire in your life).

If you focus your thoughts on something, it must show up in your reality. It’s a Universal Law.

The law teaches you how to be a co-creator in your own life. Whatever you hold in your thoughts, beliefs, and focus of attention, ultimately becomes your reality.

“The consciousness we call source created the law of attraction as a learning hologram that would facilitate expansion. It accomplishes this through the law of attraction in that everything that is within you vibrationally is reflected externally in the world. You can only experience things that are a vibrational match to you. For example, a person who has low self-esteem, attracts circumstances, people, places, events etc. that are a match to the vibration of low self-esteem. The idea is that by becoming conscious in this way, we give rise to stronger desire and by following that desire, alter our vibration into something else, and when that new thing is reflected, the process begins all over again. Coming into a law of attraction-based reality is the PHD course of self-awareness and the expansion which is why so many beings experience enlightenment here” – Teal Swan

Now that you’ve played with this concept, it’s time to play some more! Think about something else you really desire, and use the power of personal creation to manifest your desire into reality. Here are a few tips:

  1. Smile! This is an experiment. And you have nothing to lose. Treat it like a child would when they play with a new toy. It’s exciting and silly and you can be mischievous!
  2. Using your imagination: visualize the things that you desire one at a time. I would suggest visualizing only ONE thing at a time as clearly as possible. Imagine what it would FEEL like to have your desire manifested. E.g. if you want to feel prosperous and rich, imagine having the exact money you desire in your bank account and in your hand. Imagine looking at those figures in your account and feeling how you would feel as you receive that money! Here’s the most important part: Imagine it as if it’s already happened. Imagine it as if it was happening right now. The amazing thing about the mind is that it can’t tell the difference between imagination and reality – so use that to your advantage!
  3. Remember, we’re not making the rules of how it shows up. Once you’ve visualized your desire, leave it up to your partner (the universe) to deliver it to you in the way that’s best for you. Be open to it showing up in ANY way possible.
  4. Release the desire. When you were visualizing the blue feather before bed, you didn’t wake up in the morning looking for that feather or doubting whether you’ll see that feather or not. You let go. Because you had no attachment to whether this blue feather shows up in your life or not. It’s a silly experiment. Now the trick is to use that SAME attitude to create the other things in your life. When you have complete and utter faith, along with a deep KNOWING that the key that you hold WILL fit the perfect lock (because that’s the law), letting go will be effortless. But in order to feel this fully, you need to see it for yourself. Hence, the blue feather experiment! Another way to look at this is: Ask the universe for what you want, similar to how you would place an order at a restaurant. Imagine walking into a restaurant and ordering a pizza. Once you’ve ordered a pizza, you’re not sitting there wondering whether the pizza will come or not. There’s a blind knowing that it will come! The chefs in the kitchen are preparing your order and it WILL arrive. Similarly, place your order in the cosmic kitchen. The chefs are busy preparing it for you. This should make it easier to let go!
  5. When it shows up, come back here and TELL US ABOUT IT! It bring us immense joy to see and hear stories of people, like yourself discover your own magnificence. Our wish for you is to fully experience the power of personal creation.

“Attraction is a gift from a benevolent and compassionate Deity. It is a tool with two handles – one in the universe’s hand, and one in ours. The tool is in your hands right now.”

Will you use it to consciously create the life you desire?

About the author

Sanya Minocha is a Transformative Coach and Founder of Kenshō Wellness. After experiencing chronic pain from a tailbone injury, she has spent the last four years empowering, and truly healing, herself. She has developed a holistic approach to achieving health and wellness by treating Body, Mind and Spirit as one. Feeling inspired to help others restore balance, Sanya formed Kenshō to address a major problem in the world: The disconnection of Body, Mind and Spirit. Through methods such as Coaching, Ayurveda and NLP, clients are guided on a journey towards health and well-being. Reach out to her via her website or personally at

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