The Secrets Of Facebook Pages And How To Connect With Your Audience

Since Facebook started recommending people to invite their friends to like their page, I got tons of invites to like pages that doesn’t make sense to me.

Just think, you have 300 likes, all from your friends and then you post an offer or a service and you expect from all this 300 people, some to pay what you offer, but no one is looking at what you posted, no one interacts with your post and no one buys.


Because they liked your page just because you are friends on Facebook, but in reality they are not interested in what you offer.

So you have 300 useless likes.

You have to focus on getting the people that are interested in what you do to like your page because they may become your clients.

And here is another secret: Facebook made all the pages you liked to dissapear from your news feed (did you noticed you don’t see their posts anymore?), so you won’t see anything that page posts unless you follow the page and receive notifications that that page posted something.

If you are the owner of a Facebook business page, none of the people who liked your page will see your posts (people are not always notified you posted something even though they opted in).

Why Facebook did this change?

To force you to pay ads to promote what you offer (recently ads increased their price, so now is expensive than ever to advertise on Facebook). Also that expensive ad will appear to people that liked your page already. So it doesn’t really make sense to advertise for the people that are already interested in your work.

When this business tool turned upside down the only tool that still work and you can reach all the people that are interested in your work is NEWSLETTER.

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