This is the power of your mind

Here is something to make you think…

There is nothing either good or bad, it is merely your thinking that makes it so.” (masonic quote)

The members think it’s a good thing, obviously that’s why they joined. The ones who are not members think it’s bad, but how is masonry still so powerful?

They say they have around 3 million members worldwide that like, protect and support the organization. Do you think there are at least 3 million people who want to see masonry dissapear? No. Most of the people don’t think about them and don’t care about what they do.

Everyone knows they have some ancient knowledge because they stolen old books and papyruses and they even emptied a big ancient library.

If you spend some time looking into ancient teachings you will notice they talk a lot about the power of the mind and thought.

Still today a very popular topic, manifestation, it’s all about the power of the mind.

So 3 million people (or even more) thinking of masonry as the best in the world and the one that deserve to rule the world it will always outnumber the 200-300 people who don’t like the practice.

So the power of your mind is very powerful because it can create a solid reality followed by actions to solidify it even more.

Your own mind is enough to create a new life for yourself, but if you want a new life for the planet or a community, you need to create a group of like-minded people. And the bigger the change, the bigger the group need to be.

Masons want to run the world so they have millions of members who believe this. Do you want to protect the forests, the oceans, the animals, the homeless, the sick? The energy and thoughts of you and your 3 friends is not enough. You need to create a bigger groups that believes the same and act the same.

And the politicians know this very well. This is why they keep people divided and make them fight with each other and people form pro and cons groups for a particular subject or law. They do this because the energy will be consumed by the unnecessary fights they stimulated the people to do. And the powerful energy won’t be focused towards them to block them from creating unnecessary and harmful laws. They make people fight with each other instead of fighting the real problem.

When things don’t make sense, look around you and you will notice the real problem and don’t forget that your mind is not only to memorize school lectures, it’s more powerful that that.

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