11 Signs That You Are Broke AF

You always hear “I’m broke“, but are you really broke or you just spent all your money on things you really didn’t need? Here are the real signs that you are broke.

  1. Didn’t bought a new pair of jeans in the last 3-4 years
  2. Have 1 pair of shoes
  3. When that 1 pair of shoes broke you get a panic attack because you don’t have $20 to buy a new pair
  4. You wear the same coat for 6 years and you sew the sleeve back on because you can’t afford a new one
  5. On winter you have 18 °C inside constantly because you can’t afford to pay for proper heating even though health experts say it’s dangerous for your health to live with that temperature inside for a long period of time
  6. Your roof is leaking because you can’t afford to fix it
  7. Eating everyday is a constant struggle even with the cheapest foods on discount
  8. Getting sick is not an option because you can’t afford medical services
  9. Dropping school because you can’t afford it
  10. Walking miles everyday because a bus ticket is your food price
  11. Thinking of suicide because you can’t pay your daily existence on this planet

Saying you are broke because you just spent a fortune on designer bags is not a thing. These 11 things on the list are what broke people deal with every day. I lived the fist 10 of them and seeing people online complaining that they are broke because they spend thousands or even tens of thousand of dollars in 1 day for things they don’t really need and they will make that amount of money back in less than 2 months it’s really disturbing. You won’t hear these people posting that they are broke because they donated $10k to a crowdfunding site to a young mother to pay her treatment that can save her life so she can live and raise her children.

You don’t need to wear dead animals or buy the newest iphone which is pretty much the same as the previous one, just more expensive. If you don’t need that amount of money or you can live without it, send it to someone who is starving or dying to have it.

How many of you can say “This X people or these X animals are alive because of me?“. I think you can say “Hundreds of animals are dead because of me” at least. I can say that 30 animals and 2 people are alive because of me and I’m not a millionaire. Money is power so let’s use it wisely ❤

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