How To Make Your Own Natural Perfume At Home

Have you ever questioned why your perfume, spray or tincture smell so strong like alcohol in the first seconds you apply it? I have the answer. 😉

Tinctures and perfumes need 20% alcohol to preserve it otherwise it will go bad in a few days and alcohol never expires and this is why your favorite perfume can last for years smelling amazing.

How to make a natural perfume at home

Take your favorite essential oil, vodka or brandy (40% alcohol) and water and a small spray bottle (it can be 2 oz or 59 ml). In a glass bowl add 20 ml vodka + 20 ml water, mix them, then pour them into the small spray bottle, then add in the spray bottle like 4 drops of your favorite essential oil, close well the spray cap. Shake very well and then spray yourself.

Make sure you shake the spray every time you apply because the essential oil will rise at the top of the solvent (vodka+water) and you risk applying only the 20% vodka without the essential oil 😁

Artisan Aromatics

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