How Your Heart And Feelings Can Ruin Your Life – Tips How To Change This

It was measured that the heart produces a magnetic field that is up to 5000 stronger than the magnetic field produced by the brain.

The effects of magnetic fields are commonly seen in permanent magnets🧲, which pull on magnetic materials 🧲🖇️ and attract or repel other magnets 🧲🧲. Let’s get spiritual now 😉

Since the magnetic field of your heart is 5000 times stronger than the magnetic field of your brain this means that what you feel releases stronger energy than what you think.

The thought is the trigger of what you will experience in life. Stress starts in the brain but is felt in the heart. You don’t think stress, you FEEL stress. Your brain processes life events like lack of money, job loss, and health issues in the family that will trigger the feeling of stress. And that’s why when you feel stressed your life starts to spiral down so fast and you get more problems and more severe health issues because the heart “glows” that low-frequency energy 5000 times stronger than the brain.


– Ally Fortis

You always say: I feel happy, I feel sad, I feel depressed, I feel lost but you never say I think happy, I think depression…As the brain triggered all these negative feelings, it can do the reverse, to trigger positive feelings. All you have to do is to be aware of your thoughts (the triggers) and change the story in your head. I don’t mean to lie to yourself and change it with a fake story.

For example, if you were raised by a single mother and your father wasn’t around, your brain can think “Poor me, my father hated me, he never cared about us, I’m the victim of a dysfunctional family” and this will make you feel and “glow” low frequency energy or you can reframe the story into something like this: “My father didn’t participated in raising me and taking care of the family, but through this experience, I’ve learned how to be independent and take care of myself without needing a male presence around.” and you will “glow” feelings of acceptance, peace, safety and independence. You don’t have to reject or pretend something bad didn’t happen to you, you have to accept that it happened, it’s the past and you can’t change it and learn some lessons from that experience and grow out of it.

Since the heart emanates a magnetic field, like the magnets you have on your fridge, it can attract things, people and events into your life that resonates with the frequency to “glow”. If you “glow” low frequencies you will attract bad people, health issues and other negative life events, but if you “glow” high frequencies you will attract true friends and people who respect you, a better job, a better income and so on, people who changed this thinking-feeling pattern also improved their health and your life will get on the right track.

Also by staying in low frequencies, you will allow other negative entities to suck your energy and intervene in your life, but if you are in charge of your life and the energies you put out no one can touch you and this is when you will manifest what you want.

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