I noticed that more and more health workers started to post online telling people how much they wore that mask expecting to be applauded. Don’t get this wrong, I really appreciate their work, millions of people are alive because of them, but they are not wearing the masks because of us. The world is on lockdown, we stay inside, people lost their income, businesses went bankrupt and closed. Health workers are one of the few people that still receive full salary + extra hours they work are paid and they are the one that chose the medical field that means infections, viruses, bacterias and parasites, their career was never a sterile one, they always faced these microscopic dangers.

If we post our bank statements showing that we are running out of money on a personal level and professional level we should expect to be applaud online too…

As a health worker you swore to help people, not to make them feel bad because you have to work more in conditions you don’t like temporarily, it’s no one’s fault. Let’s all do our part in this pandemic: people trying to find online side gigs for some extra $, businesses are moving online offering something different for sale to survive, health workers taking care of the patients. We can lift each other without feeling guilty for something that’s not our fault. Let’s ALL get together and empower each other. ❤️

One thought on “A CALL TO REALITY

  1. Mankind needs compliments, every occasion is taken to get these. That’s okay. We all get our opportunities now and then. I agree with you that we have to keep reality in mind.


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