The unseen side of scams

I know scams are terrible and make people lose huge amounts of money to something they will never receive or work, but we don’t see why many scams happen.

I know all of us received e-mails and messages on social media that an investor want to send you millions of dollars or that you have a curse and this powerful African “dr.” shaman can help you in 24 hours, or that you get a refund from a streaming service you never used or heard of and of course we know the classic romance scams that usually happens from Africa.
Recently I’ve seen a lot of Youtube videos about “fake gurus” that scammed people for tens of thousands of dollars, but there is something many of us didn’t thought about and here is a very possible scenario.

These scammers, no matter from what country they are. Some of them tried  normal jobs but the salary isn’t enough to pay bills and eat at the same time. Some of them even tried a small business that didn’t worked and now they have a pretty big debt to pay, others could have some savings and tried a second business that didn’t worked either. What’s left to try? You are right: a scam. Most of the time the scam is a get rich quick scheme selling you a dream they also have.

I think many scams are the desperation to break the poverty cycle. Every person wants financial security, to buy clothes when you need not when you afford, to go to the doctor when you feel sick and not when it becomes an emergency, to have a car so you won’t have to walk miles and of course to have your own house which is probably the biggest thing that will make people feel safe and accomplished, right?

Another trigger is not only poverty, but social media too. How many of you saw this influencers on Instagram and Youtube showing luxurious vacations, big houses, expensive cars and basically they show a worry-free life that is not always true. And of course this triggers people. You see your fridge empty and that person just bought a $200k car like it was $2 and they made the money online. Why they can do it and you can’t? Becoming a rich influencer is not easy and for many it will never happen and their fridge is still empty so they turn to scams.

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