I gave a spammer a taste of their own medicine and they didn’t liked it

We all receive automatic comments and DMs on Instagram from accounts with 10 or 0 followers telling you to check their main account which has many fake followers, so I DMed one of these “main accounts” that was in a comment on one of my posts and I messaged them with a similar sales pitch and you won’t believe how pissed they were 🤣 Here is the “conversation”:

I messaged them with my sales pitch and they send me their copy/paste message and then I sent the same message again and they got pissed when they realized I knew what they were doing.

In a matter of seconds, they blocked me from this account and the account they used to send spam comments too.

They didn’t spend 2 seconds looking at my account to see I don’t do interior design, I do graphic design, but when I applied their sales method they got annoyed. If you don’t like it then don’t do it to others because you will get the same result: BLOCKED.

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