Do You Really Need A Twin Flame?

I noticed a boom on people being disparate to know who is their twin flame or their soulmate or if the current partner is their twin flame and so one. People go to psychics and tarot readers to ask if that person is their soulmate or their twin flame.

I saw the reason behind this dispersion of wanting a partner and feeling so uncomfortable being single, the reason is that many people don’t love themselves and they are not at peace with who they are or how they look and they want external validation from others. They think they need a stranger to tell them “I love you” and things will be better then, but when this happen they are still unhappy.

The truth is that you don’t need a “twin flame”, you need you. You need to work on yourself, accept yourself and love yourself, if you can’t do this no other person can heal your own wound. They can put a bandaid on, but if you don’t do the internal healing by yourself you will still have an open wound.

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