What The Soul Of Handicapped People Have To Say

Many souls are upset that they got a broken vehicule (the body). They were told that they will have a normal body and they will be able to fulfill their mission or plan but when they were born they realized the body has a severe physical and mental handicap and they can’t control it.

The connection between the body, mind and soul is already hard to establish in a healthy body and it’s even more difficult with a mental handicap especially.

We see many mentally ill people banging their head on the walls or slapping themselves and we think it’s a symptom of their illness, but actually is the soul trying to tell you that they don’t like the body, they can’t make it work and it’s their way to ask for help and for someone to understand them.

Also the souls don’t like that they were abandoned by their parents because the body is “defect” as they call it. Many souls that remain in the psychiatric hospitals after the body died and some are really angry, they remained there because they are looking for the one that fooled them and they don’t understand that that entity doesn’t live in the building, it’s up there in the universe and they have to leave the hospital and move their search on the astral level.

This is why many asylums or psychiatric hospitals will remain haunted because the souls search for justice on the wrong place and they can’t be removed by any cleansing ritual.

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