The Real Reason Why The Pyramids Were Built

We all admire and try to solve the mystery of the Egypt’s pyramids and we think about something very complicated, yet we try to find a primitive reason. Some pyramids are tombs and others are not the resting place of a pharaoh so why they built such massive monuments? The answer is simple.

The shape of a pyramid is an energy source. Some pyramids were healing centers, others were like power plants and the ones that were the resting place of pharaohs were used to give the soul energy or power to cross over and live their eternal life with the gods. That’s why pharaohs were buried in pyramids and not in any other shape.

Make sense, right? Ancient Egyptians were very spiritual and knowledgeable.

Also if we look at other ancient civilizations they had many pyramids that they were not tombs. They all know how to get energy for free and wireless and the information is known today, but it’s hidden from us to keep paying overpriced electricity bills.

woman meditation

We meditate in a pyramid shape position because we harness energy to get the answers we want through meditation.

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