Why Suicide Is Rising – The Dark Truth

We already know that we are not alone in the universe and that there are entities that want misery at all costs because this is what they “eat”.

It’s obvious that no one commits suicide because they are too happy. When someone commits suicide they are in a deep state of despair and the energy they have is darker than you can imagine and the entities that are around that person feed off of this energy. They don’t care that person will die because there are billions of other people they can make to get into that low energy. For them, that dark energy of despair is the ultimate “food”.

Currently, society is designed to make life hard and these entities wait for the trigger to happen and take control over your mind. Many people with depression say they have voices or thoughts take never stop telling them how useless and worthless they are. And the final kick is the ongoing thought “Kill yourself!” and this is not the person’s real mind. The entities keep repeating this into the person’s head so the brain will start to act and make that person kill themselves.

No soul is happy when they realized the body died because they can finally see what really caused it. 

Whenever you have these dark thoughts, know they are not your thoughts and you are stronger than the entities, your soul came here with a mission, and when you regain your mind, body, and soul connection you are unstoppable. Don’t be afraid to talk about what you are dealing with and ask for help.

The entities will put obstacles in your life to make you generate that low and negative energy to feed off of, but you are stronger than them and you can raise your vibration. Be aware of what is happening in your life and trust in your own power.

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