Why a soul is not answering your psychic calls

It’s never easy when we lose someone dear to us, but we have to understand that that person is not really dead. The body died, but the soul lives on.

Many people go to a psychic or medium to communicate with that soul, sometimes even the next day after death. In cases where death came by surprise the soul needs time to process that it’s not in the body anymore and find its place, they can’t answer the calls. Sometimes insisting on finding that soul can open a door where other entities can come and speak like it’s the person you are looking for.

Souls don’t wait years for us to go to a psychic to be asked how are they doing. They have a life up there and later some reincarnate and become someone else’s child with a mission on Earth.

We have to learn that our physical life doesn’t stop with someone’s physical death. We have a life that we have to keep living and enjoy it.

One thought on “Why a soul is not answering your psychic calls

  1. I know when my mom passed away years ago and I couldn’t contact her, it was very confusing to me, especially when I was able to channel messages from other spirits. Thanks for sharing!

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