Why You Should Stop Ghost Hunting

Ghost hunting is getting more and more popular especially for views on Youtube, but doing this has 2 negative parts: danger and exploitation.

The danger

People are going ghost hunting in the most hunted and dark places in the world like Cecil hotel or even Aleister Crowley’s house. Many of these people don’t have enough knowledge of the unseen spiritual world and they are not prepared to enter it and this can lead to physical harms like scratches or bruises or even possession. They think the spirits of dead people or the demons have nothing else to do than to respond to questions from ghost hunters. They don’t like being hunted for someone’s fame.

The exploitation

Picture a zoo with trapped and unhappy animals living in cages for people’s amusement, we consider this wrong and advocate against this practice or exploiting animals for money, but ghost hunting is pretty much the same thing.

You invade a spirit’s place to exploit it for money. If it’s a human soul, it means it’s trapped there and maybe they need help to find the way to their spiritual place, not to entertain you and your viewers with a spirit box.

It’s even worse if you want to exploit a demon because they can communicate with you but they can follow you home and keep feeding off of you.

Most ghost hunters use spirits or entities for entertainment and then they leave the location, they never had the intention to cleanse that place, help the souls leave and find their way or get rid of the demons. They just go there and have fun until they will bring something home and they will get a taste of the real spiritual world.

The spiritual world is not for fun, engage with it if you know what you are doing and if you want to help.

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