Why you can’t activate the pineal gland. Hint: it’s your fault

The internet is full of tips and techniques on how to open your pineal gland and maybe you tried them all, but nothing worked and here is why.

Opening your pineal gland means you will know everything, but can you face the truth?

The pineal gland is a small gland in the middle of your brain so is part of your brain and your brain knows you better than anyone and it knows you can’t face the truth so it keeps it close for your safety and sanity.

As you will become more open to the truth and it will become less shocking to you, the pineal gland will open too without any of these magic techniques from the internet.

The truth will shatter everything you know. Your bubble will be burst open.

Here are some truths and if you can’t face them and still believe they are BS this is why your pineal gland won’t open no matter what you do.

  • religion is man-made to control humanity
  • gods, angels, archangels will never help you unconditionally and they are that good
  • you live in someone’s Sims game until you take control
  • spirit guides won’t help you and they are not your guides, they are evil entities that feed on your energy
  • every entity no matter how you call it (god, angel, Jesus, archangel, goddess, guides, ancestors, saints, etc.) feeds off of your energy and only your soul feeds you and wants the best for you
  • everything is energy
  • manifestation can happen in an instant
  • prayer is damaging your energy and downgrading your power
  • you and your soul are the most powerful beings, that’s why they want your energy
  • karma is a lie to fool you to accept and live a miserable life

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