The Spiritual Causes of Female Genital Diseases

Everything is ok until one day when you are knocked down on your knees by a weird disease and fucked up symptoms in an area women are too ashamed to talk about.

The genitals are your foundation. From that part urine gets out so your body removes the toxins. It’s a soft, small and sensitive area that gives you many hints when something is wrong, you just have to listen to its whispers.

The first chakra

Also that area is your stability. When you want to rest, you sit down on a chair or couch, you sit on your genitals. There is the root chakra too which is the first chakra and it’s all about the base or foundation for life, and it helps you feel grounded and able to withstand challenges. Your root chakra is also responsible for your sense of security and stability.

And of course it represents your sensuality and sexuality.

I had my own experiences with this area, rejection from doctors and treatments not working. And you know how unpleasant is to have any issues down there. But doing the spiritual research I realized something that many women deal with and that is our own freaking mind.

We all stay in front of a mirror naked and point to the body parts you don’t like and at one point there will come a guy that loves everything and you will freak out like I did. He was telling me what a great body I have and I was looking at him almost saying “what’s wrong with you?”. If we don’t like something from our body we think that no one will ever like it either and this is not true.

And because you have this belief of yourself and you fear intimacy because you are not perfect the brain will be like “No problem. Here are some weird issues down there. You’re safe now. No sex.

The mind is the one that made you sick and is the one that can help you heal. Seek medical help, but also be aware of your toxic beliefs about yourself, partner and sexuality.

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