The Truth About God(s)

The goddess Hathor was born out of superstition. Hundreds of years before the pyramids and the many goddess and goddesses, Egyptians used cows as a source of food and then they created stone figures of cows that were used as a symbol when someone died to have food in the spiritual world.

And as time passed, the goddess Hathor was born. First with a cow face and slowly evolved as a female figure only with cow horns.

This is proof that many gods were created by people out of superstition and tradition and they never existed if people wouldn’t believe and worship them.

And this can make us question our current religion that is lacking proof of existence.

Millions of sick people pray to a god for healing, but they are never healed, millions starve and they never receive food. Is that loving, kind and helpful god really existing? Was he born out of a superstition thousands of years ago like ancient gods?
This is a subject worth researching and not blindly believing it.

6 thoughts on “The Truth About God(s)

      1. Okay, my original comment was meant as a half-joke.
        There is information floating around (a quick query will show) that Moses did indeed have horns – as far as some translations, statues or paintings go.
        But who am I to say any different?
        I never met the guy. 😉


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