How the priests became so powerful – From the ancient world until today

Priests’ fortune and power started over 3000 years ago in ancient Egypt when a king built a huge temple for a god with a big gold statue inside.

They offered to that god food, beer, and wine and also jewelry, precious stones and luxurious clothes and in order for these to don’t be stolen the king employed priests to live there and protect the precious offers for that god.

What did the priests do?

They took all the gold, jewelry and other precious offers for themselves and in time they had more fortune and power than the king.

The high priest wanted more power and ordered the priests to go into previous pharaon and kings’ thumbs under the pretext of restoration and steal all the precious possession that were buried with them.

They unwrapped the mummies take away the jewelry and wrapped back the mummies in a poor way than they were mummified initially.

Doing all this, the priests accumulated fortune and power over the kings.

And if you look 3000 years later, today the priests and churches are wealthy and powerful, in elections, politicians are supported by the church in order to win. What the church says people don’t question and blindly accept it.

In ancient times not many priests believed in the god they had to protect and steal from it and this is still happening today, priests taking money from the church to build big houses and buy expensive cars and not helping the poor community that really needs that money.

The answer to today’s actions is in history because history repeats itself.

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