What If I Tell You That Spirit Guides Don’t Exist

There are NO spirit guides that help you! The universe is full of entities, beings, demons, aliens, whatever you want to call them, but none of them are your guides and none of them want to help you, just look at your messy life and YOU are the only one who cleaned the mess, YOU went to work to have food on your table, YOU worked extra hours and argue with your boss to prove you deserve a little raise, YOU exhaust yourself studying to get that degree, YOU improved your lifestyle to get healthier and so on. YOU did everything.

NEVER in the history of humanity, someone got money on the table the next day because they prayed or they called the “spirit guides”, no one ever got a house (150 million people are homeless in the world and 1.6 billion which is more than 20% of the world’s population, lack adequate housing), no one miraculously cured without any treatment just because of these guides (151,600 people die each day) and the list goes on.

All these entities want is to feed on your energy and keep you in a low vibration. You don’t have any spirit guides, all you see or hear are entities that suck your energy lying to you.

Your soul lived many lives and learned a lot in thousands of years so connect with your soul for answers and stop asking low vibration entities for help because they will never help you, they can’t help you.

Connecting with your soul will be hard at the beginning because the mind-body-soul connection was broken since you were a child when you started school.

Spiritual evolution takes time, practice and patience.

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