Brain Scans Proved You Should Stop Praying But No One Noticed It

I was looking at many brain scans of fear, relaxed state and praying. Guess what I noticed?

When we pray to a god that we believe in our religion, brain centers contract similar to when we are in fear and at the time of praying energy from the brain is “sucked out” and this is why many people feel the need to nap after praying because they don’t have the energy anymore.

Scientists don’t know exactly how prying affects your brain because if you talk to a person during praying that person is conscious, fully functioning and able to respond to you, so it appears that praying is not affecting you much, but it does on a deeper level.

The “armor” that protects the brain, during praying is very contracted similar to the fear state trying to protect the brain.

It’s not ok to pray to someone you think loves you and protects you, but the brain feels the energy of that entity and it gets into a fear state. The brain’s primary function is processing and transmitting information through electrical signals. So it is sensitive to energy and frequency and that low frequency entity that comes during meditation or praying it’s not a matching frequency for the brain and this is why it shrinks to protect the body, but you keep calling that entity through praying and this is why it is allowed to feed off of your energy.

I also watched hypnosis and past life regression sessions of religious people and dug deep, that god they prayed to is not that god, it’s a low frequency entity that feeds off of the energy of the person that is praying. When these people are asked during hypnosis what they see, they say they see themselves praying and a channel opens from them and a fog-like entity comes and takes the energy through the channel they opened. Other people say they see big hands that lift them up, but when they are asked to look at the hand and describe them they realize these are dark cold hands. Until now I didn’t see any presence of god in past lives to be there and protect that person, only negative entities were there that caused the suffering and the pain and no one was there to help.

When these entities were asked why they are here and why they stayed with that person for so many lives they say they were called or allowed and they need human energy and they don’t care about the pain and suffering they caused.

This confirms that the brain knows better than us. It gets into a fear state contracting the centers and the defense mechanism to protect you from that low energy you are calling during praying and angel/archangel meditations.

The truth is that we have the ultimate power and no one is more powerful than us, but we don’t see ourselves as powerful. We were taught we are small and powerless and have to stay on our knees and pray to an entity for help even though that entity never helps. We need to learn how to use our power and cut off these entities from our energy.

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