How To Make Money If You Have No Money

I think I’ve discovered the secret 🤔

You are in that desperate state where you really need money to eat and pay the bills and your feed is full of ads from gurus selling your the secret to making millions for just a few hundred or thousand $ 😂

Disclaimer: this is not how to get rich in 10 days 🙅🏻‍♀️

After being an employee, freelancer and owning 2 businesses in the past 12 years I’ve learned a few things.

🔸You can’t have unlimited financial growth as an employee.

🔸Doing something by yourself is the way out.

🔸Do what you are good at and like it is your path to success.

🔸Money won’t come instantly.

🔸Now more than ever an online business can bring you the financial freedom you dream of.

There is no one formula that will work for everyone. We all have different energies, destinies and paths. We have to find our own ways, but one of the keys 🗝️ to success is your mind 🧠

The way you think about yourself, the way you see life and the way you see money are linked.

Until you will fix your thoughts and feelings nothing will happen.

Most of the time it costs you $0 to share and monetize your talents online.

Social media is free, to design and write your posts is free (free design apps, mockups and stock photos if you don’t need to showcase a real product), even a website can be done for free by you (you can learn the basic, it’s not rocket science). This is how I did it.

I invested everything in the first 2 businesses and I lost the money and for a third business, I have $0 as a budget so I learned how to do everything by myself for free.

And this is when I also realized that everything I was good at and liked doing worked.

Sometimes I hit moments of no growth in audience and no money and that was because I was censoring my posts because I was thinking what will people think if I say this or that.

Fuck it!

And my audience started growing.

Do what you like and be yourself.

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