A Letter To Alpha Souls

My dear alpha souls,

This is a soul to soul letter.

We are now living times most of us never thought we will ever get to live.

We might have heard of it, but everything looked sci-fi and far away from our lifetime, but it happened.

I know it’s difficult, but stay calm.

Speak the truth. Don’t let them silence you.

Don’t try to convince people 🐑 about the truth because they can’t be convinced. Whether they see it or not. By now they should know their side.

We can’t save everyone even though they are our parents, siblings, family and friends in this lifetime.

You can only save yourself and like-minded souls.

We’ve reached a point where we have to stop convincing people what the truth is and take action for our community which is not small as they want to make us believe.

The action should not be taken from a place of anger, fear or rage.

We should stay grounded, confident, united and strong into who we really are. We are not just humans. We are infinite energy and knowledge into a body with infinite power.

Together we stand tall and unshakable.

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