When You’ll Stop Praying You Will Die

This is not the post you expect, but it’s the truth and real experiences.

Since ancient Egypt or older times, we’ve been fooled that we are nothing and we need a god or dozens to pray to for every little thing we need and every success WE have from our hard work we attribute it to a god for allowing us to reap the fruits of our work. Do you see how stupid this is?

You are the one waking up at 5 in the morning and working until late at night. It’s your success because of you. Stop praising someone that did nothing and most likely put obstacles in your path for your success. You can have what you want fast and easy but these entities that we gave different names put obstacles and kick your 🍑 all the time. Why? Because this is who they are and this is the energy they have and need. They need low and negative energy, they never wanted to see humans happy and enjoying life. They want pain and suffering.

When you wake up and realize who you kneel for and stand up and stop giving your power away, they will attack you. They will make your life more difficult, they will give you health problems, they will turn people against you, they will do everything they can to bring you back on your knees and start praying again. With every kick you will raise higher and higher and your energy will get so big they won’t be able to touch you anymore.

You will notice that the most common health issue is with the heart. They will give you palpitations, pain, breathing problems, brain tension to show you they are not happy that the slave that you were is walking away and stepping into your true power. These health issues can be very serious so check a doctor to make sure you are staying alive. Also, you can see shadows or black masses from the corner of your eye, a room or even the entire house can become foggy, you can smell and/or have a metallic or sulfur-like taste in your mouth.

Now you will ask why they are so quick to kill you. The answer is simple. You are not giving them the energy they need so they don’t need you. Your new and strong energy bothers them and also they know that the program is so deep, many souls when will leave the body will expect to have someone appear and guide them where to go and tell them what’s next. Who will appear in from of you to guide you is an illusion, it’s not your dead grandmother or aunt or an angel. It’s a hologram to fool you to go where they want you to.

Souls don’t know that once they step outside the human body it’s easier to know everything and see who gave them such a hard life and burn 🔥 them with their energy, that’s why all these entities stay hidden and created the program to make people believe in angels, spirit guides,

Since I was a kid I couldn’t understand why religion wanted you to be so low and small, a slave to the entities. Religion always felt wrong to me and when I grew up I started researching it more and more and I saw the same slavery patterns since ancient times until today. They say god loves children, well why so many children starve to death, die from diseases, are born in abusive families, are raped or used as sacrifices in rituals? (In ancient times children were thrown off a cliff as sacrifices to please gods to bring rain or heal someone, by the way, it didn’t rain when they wanted and no one miraculously healed) Why as a child when you asked for help, you never got the help you needed?

Knowing what I know now and being through what I’ve been through, there’s nothing that will bring me on my knees praying. I’d rather die and there’s no black hole 🕳️ in the universe where these entities can hide from me 🔥🥷🏻⚔️ The soul has instant access to everything and every place, all you have to do is to be aware of this and your true power.

Nothing is more powerful than your soul, and no one wants the best for you more than your soul. Instead of believing in anything else, believe in yourself and get up from your knees and tens of thousands of years of spiritual slavery.

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