Pluto Transit In Natal Houses

On your natal chart look where you have Pluto and that is the house where this Pluto in Capricorn will transit in your natal chart. Pluto transits in Capricorn on February 22, 2022 (22.02.2022).

Transit Pluto in 1st House

When transiting Pluto crosses your Ascendant, you should make a fearless effort to liberate yourself from all traditional thought patterns and become an example for others. Relate this to the sign that is on your first house at birth, and your Pluto sign at birth. It will help a lot to get in touch with the forces that have shaped and made you who you are. This will help you to have more control over your unconscious motives that in the past came to the surface through compulsions and unconscious and irrational obsessions.

When transiting Pluto is in your first house, it is like you feel a force within that wants to control everything and everyone, which makes relationships very difficult. What you must learn to control is yourself. Make an effort to see yourself positively, as you have a unique opportunity to discover new and very powerful resources and values. The difficulty here is that you have too much power and can force things and people away from you. There is a huge change in your image and in the way you express yourself.

Transit Pluto in 2nd House

Here really begins the metamorphosis that began when Pluto was transiting your 1st house, especially because what you valued and appreciated about yourself and life no longer serves you, and you can go through a stage of collapse. You will have to learn to get ahead with fewer resources. Do not try to keep any possession or forms or income to which you were accustomed. It would just delay your progress for your next stage, when your internal valuation will be the priority.

Transiting Pluto in your second house indicates that you need to manage efficiently and with a purpose all your possessions, and also your ideas, principles and inherited values, the money you earn and everything that you produce. It is a challenge to review the ways in which you use possessions or energies to achieve a spiritual ideal. If transiting Pluto makes oppositions or squares to personal planets, there can be economic and material losses. Do not be swayed into any dishonest business. Soon you will find a priceless inner wealth.

Transit Pluto in 3rd House

This is the experience of daily communication, daily contacts and conversations. In other words, everything we take for granted. When Pluto transits your third house, daily life and routine issues begin to gain importance and become more significant. This period of profound psychological change, internal regeneration, self-criticism and questioning will last several years. Do not take anything for granted, since the repressed psychological tensions will rise to the surface, particularly the negative obsessions about daily life.

You should not be afraid to examine or challenge things that seem superficial, or outdated patterns of thinking, even when what you say may offend people with whom you have daily contact. Now, what you have to do is develop your intelligence and ability to deal with the environment in a meaningful way. Do not sign any document or contract without having thoroughly studied the consequences as they can be very far-reaching.

If Pluto makes difficult aspects to other planets while transiting your 3rd house, there may be some danger during short trips or the possibility of a traffic accident.

Transit Pluto in 4th House

When Pluto transits your fourth house, it is important at this time to stay true to your own truth because you will be put to the test. One of the key words for this time is self-sufficiency, since it is about ensuring a new foundation for life, while going with the flow and being open to changes that occur.

Personal areas of your life, such as your inner psyche, home, family, will be affected. Many problems from your childhood will surface now to help you understand the consequences they have had in your adult life. A change is required. You can change the irrational impulses and inappropriate childish behavior that will come to light now.

Pluto works below the surface to reach the fundamental roots and bring tremendous changes in the nature of family relationships, changes of residence, changes within the house, divorce, death or other types of separations. Power struggles with parents; you may have been too dependent on them and now you want to separate, but they still insist on treating you like a child. Although this is not the strongest transit, it will be a very significant time.

Transit Pluto in 5th House

Your relationship with children (whether yours or other peoples’) is entering a phase in which everything you do with them will have a profound effect on them later. When Pluto transits your fifth house, it is a time of a power struggle with your children, with tense episodes because you try to put too much pressure on them to change, or they pressure you to change. It is very important to take care of their health.

Regarding love, you may feel totally fascinated by someone whom you know does not suit you as a partner. You are being pushed subconsciously to do something you do not want to do, and even if you are already involved in a relationship, you will be very intense during this time and you will undergo a total transformation. It is said that a relationship that goes through great problems during this transit and manages to survive will last forever.

Try to control your emotions and not give free rein to the desire to express yourself at the expense of others, whether in love, social life or career. If Pluto forms difficult aspects to other planets, there may be occasional losses by speculation.

Transit Pluto in 6th House

When Pluto transits your sixth house, Pluto asks you to work selflessly to serve a noble cause and to develop the ability to endure pain, disappointment, hypersensitivity and personal failures. Be careful not to lose yourself in unnecessary and fanatical self-sacrifice. Instead, flow toward a goal of total dedication to a cause that will help you reorient your feelings and interests away from ego gratification and toward participation in a fuller life that includes interpersonal relationships.

There must be a willingness to serve always with the conscious objective of curing yourself from egocentricity. You must be willing to face personal crises that will transform you into a more integrated personality.

It is a good time for regenerative therapies, whether physical or psychological. If you follow a good physical regime, you can now regenerate your body, even if you have not paid attention to it in recent years. It is important to take care of your diet. If Pluto makes difficult aspects, you may have health problems.

Transit Pluto in 7th House

More than any other Plutonian cycle, Pluto transiting your seventh house is a period that means a profound change through or within your relationships. Hidden tensions have to be released now, and this transformation will take place in your relationships whether they are intimate or business. This experience has to do with equanimity in love, in any relationship between two people.

Any encounters now can lead to marriage or cause a definitive change in your life, because now you are really looking for someone to help you transform your life. It is important to keep in mind that anyone you meet in these years will affect you strongly, but this is simply because it will be a mirror of your inner psychic impulses. So, you should not blame the other because, in reality, they are your own subtle and unconscious messages that you are sending yourself so that you can finally recognize and receive love and understanding.

If transiting Pluto makes difficult aspects, conflicts may arise over joint finances, money from a company, alimony, as well as sexual problems.

Transit Pluto in 8th House

Pluto’s transit through your eighth house means a new life, born of the old. It means the death and regeneration of the ego, while the outdated aspects of your life disappear to give rise to new ones, which can only arise in this way. In this case, Pluto does not signify death, but there may be a death of someone that deeply affects you. Such a death can radically change your circumstances or force you to confront the nature and meaning of your own life. On another level, it could affect your joint possessions and resources. Try not to get into debt, because you could find yourself under the control of another person.

Latent powers of clairvoyance and skills for the occult sciences can be stimulated during this time as well as sexual impulse.

If Pluto makes difficult aspects to other planets, it may endanger your life, or someone close to you may die. Your life can be disrupted by natural disasters or large-scale forces, political, economic or military, beyond your personal control.

Transit Pluto in 9th House

Drastic changes in religious, cultural and philosophical beliefs can occur as a consequence of direct and intuitive experiences that affect your religious point of view. These provoke a personal confrontation with your internal and spiritual reality.

While Pluto transits through your ninth house, you may also get financial aid or government scholarships for higher education. Travel possibilities related to business with foreigners or people in distant places, or even the introduction of new scientific technologies in other countries.

If Pluto forms difficult aspects with other planets while transiting through this house, your point of view with respect to education, culture, philosophy and religion can border on the fanatical. In extreme cases, this could mean being involved in foreign wars. Pluto always produces obsessions, and during this time your beliefs will help you convince others of what you have learned, but remember that they must also have the opportunity to preserve their own points of view.

Transit Pluto in 10th House

Pluto transiting your tenth house awakens your ambition towards success and self-realization, and also the desire to control and dominate. Because this is the tenth house, the challenges come from authority figures, and, in this case of Pluto, the challenges are even more forceful. They go straight to the point.

On the other hand, Pluto gives you the opportunity to reach your life’s goals, or at least to perceive what they really are. If you do not know what your life’s goals are, you will most likely change your path and your work frequently, seemingly lost, until you discover it. Your ambition to succeed can involve you in political schemes or power struggles. If Pluto makes difficult transits to other planets, it can lead to a power trip.

Transit Pluto in 11th House

When Pluto transits through your eleventh house, there will be transformation and friendship with powerful and influential people. There is a tendency to break with old friendships and affiliations or groups that no longer make sense and establish new ones that are going to have a very profound and transforming influence on your life, be it for good or for bad. In some cases, certain people may receive scholarships or government grants to fund scientific, artistic and spiritual work.

Your ideals will now change, and this will be reflected in the people around you and in the groups or movements with which you identify. During this transit there is the danger of being dominated by unconscious impulses that push you in a direction where, deep down, you do not want to go. On the other hand, you will meet someone who can act as a guide and teacher and send you in the right direction so you can grow.

Transit Pluto in 12th House

The regeneration of the essence of the subconscious is the key to acquire a penetrating perception of its deep functioning. If Pluto goes through this Neptunian experience in accordance with all other aspects, this is an excellent time for intuitive research of past lives, meditation, and to discover your clairvoyant possibilities. The most important aspect of this Pluto transit through your twelfth house is its psychological part. It brings up the deeply buried parts of your psyche and forces you to confront them.

It is impossible at this time to hide any hidden characteristics. They come to the surface in destructive ways. There are also certain patterns of purely childish behavior that will be made clear because they have to be corrected in order for you to become a mature adult. Try to deal with these hidden and unpleasant aspects of your life and your past, honestly and without guilt. You will be pleasantly surprised to find that, when you are honest, your adversaries can change their opinion about you.

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