No Disclaimer

Have you noticed that for everything you say you don’t like you have to say a disclaimer to don’t offend people?

Here is an example:

“I don’t like the color pink, but I have no problem with other people wearing pink.”

When you say “I don’t like pink” it’s very obvious that you are not going to punch a stranger in the face on the street because they wear a pink shirt.

You don’t like to wear pink clothes and that’s a personal preference and you don’t hate people wearing them.

But now looks like more and more people lose their common sense and you have to explain yourself in detail to avoid triggering some of them and offending them because they like pink and you don’t.

By the way, I talk about the color pink, not the singer if is not already very obvious šŸ¤£

It’s not your job to explain yourself all the time. If they are triggered by such a simple discussion then they are not your people. You and them don’t resonate.

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