The Truth About Praying. You Are Doing It Wrong

Every religion tells you to pray and of course, they have their own praying methods and traditions, but let’s see what is praying in general, you will be surprised.

The word pray means to address a prayer to God or another deity and of course, we all know this dictionary definition, but let’s see how we come to use the word pray. Let’s go back to the origins.

It comes from the Latin word precari which means entreat and it evolves to Middle English where is used in the sense of ask earnestly. Entreat from the Latin means to ask someone earnestly or anxiously to do something. Earnestly and anxiously both are synonyms to FEAR, dread, and uneasiness. Earnestly means with sincere and intense conviction.

So to pray you have to be very convinced of the religious dogma (aka brainwashed) and stay in a state of fear.

If you read the religious texts you will see that many times you are told to fear the god that loves you…wait a minute…if someone loves you and protects you why do you have to fear it? This sounds like an abusive relationship where the victim is brainwashed to believe that the nightmare and abuse they live in is done out of love and is nothing wrong with it.

Also, the idea of praying makes you believe that you are small and insignificant and you need an invisible man in the sky to help you and hold your hand at every step you do so you won’t fall and scratch your knees. Are you kidding me?

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