The Dark Secret Of Blood Transfusions

You know me, I research the weirdest shit and I noticed something. It’s about blood 🩸😲

To be clear, blood transfusions saved millions of lives and I’m not against it, but there are some sides of it that no one knows or noticed.

I witnessed blood transfusions for animals and for humans and I noticed something. The blood that is donated by living beings (humans & animals) heals the patient faster.

If the blood is taken from a dead donor it has almost no effect on increasing the hemoglobin level of the receiver (the patient).

I’ve seen people that received 2 blood transfusions and their hemoglobin went from 7 to 8 and they weren’t bleeding or losing blood in any way, even doctors couldn’t understand this. This was blood from dead donors.

Blood from alive donors increased hemoglobin more even from the first transfusion.

The blood from the dead donor carries the energy and creates a bond with the deceased. People reported that after this type of transfusion they’ve lost the happiness and the desire to live that they always had. They also said that they feel like a ball of negative energy ⚫ inside them after the blood transfusion. None of this was reported by people that received blood transfusions from alive donors.

People that received organs (obviously) from dead donors said that suddenly they lost their personality and individuality and started liking what the donor liked when he/she was alive.

Receiving something (it could be anything) from a dead person creates a bond between you and them.

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