The Secret To 6-Figure Coaching Business REVEALED

Social media is flooded with business coaches that appeared out of the blue that claims to have the secret to how you can make consistent revenue or consistent clients or $130k in 60 days even though some of them have never owned a business other than this new coaching one. Some of these coaches charge insane amounts of money to tell you the strategies and secrets they hold. Being broke I couldn’t afford any coach so I had to learn all by myself, it’s not rocket science anyway so here are all the fancy secret strategies they know and all for free.

Facebook Group Membership

Does any of these messages sound familiar to you? 👇🏻

We are gifting a FREE training on the 5 steps to take to create $10K-30K months WITHOUT the stress of launching! Want access? 

Do you want more confidence & abundance in your life?

Officially obsessed with IG. I’m making at least $10K every month, without paid ads, and only working 1 hr/day! I’m gifting the entire step-by-step process. Want in?

FREE OFFER!!! 📣 Need more clients ASAP? You can generate thousands of leads and make 10k+ a month without paid ads. I’m gifting the entire strategy for FREE! Want it?

If you are in a large Facebook group for business I’m sure you’ve seen hundreds of messages like these already. What happens here is some group members will pay the founders a monthly fee (something like $100/month) so they can advertise their business in the group. There are groups that make even $100k/month from this membership service.

There are business groups with 500k members that are business owners or want to start a business so instead of paying thousands of dollars in ads hoping their ads will reach their target audience, better subscribe to a few Facebook groups for $100/month each and advertise in posts and comments for as long as you want to thousands of real people.

DMing People Your Sales Pitch 1.0

You are minding your own business on Facebook or Instagram and a stranger sends you a pretty long and boring DM telling you how great their service is, full of science fiction claims like making 6-figures in a week or making millions in 3 months, getting insanely rich from your first launch without giving you any hints of what that “strategy” could be. Everything is a secret so you have to open your deep pockets if you want to know it.

If you ask questions trying to understand if their expensive offer is worth it for you they get annoyed and they block you because they realized you have some business knowledge and you can’t be fooled that easy.

DMing People Your Sales Pitch 2.0

Here applies just the first paragraph because bots 🤖 don’t get annoyed. After they’ve sent you the first pitch DM regardless of what you will reply they will send you a different pitch usually with the link to join a webinar, workshop or masterclass and the conversation is over because there is no human being behind that chat.

Bots aka Automation

Have you seen ads that say that coach will show you how to “automate” your business and work just 2 hours/week? Some mean how to create and schedule newsletters, ads campaigns and blog posts, but others mean just what I said above in DMing 2.0. They have the software full of bots that will spam random people and push them to book a discovery call with you through a scheduling website like Calendly or Acuity and after that, you will have a call with them and try to sell them your service. Kinda like telemarketing.

Social Media Ads

For this one, you really need a lot of money. If you don’t have $5000 to risk, don’t waste your money. Social media advertising is very expensive and you have no guarantee you will at least get your money back, let alone speaking about profit.

Buying Email Addresses

In this “strategy” they randomly buy let’s say 10 000 email addresses and they start sending emails to all these people with their offer hoping someone will fall for it and buy it.

Maybe you already got several emails from strangers saying how much they like your Instagram photos and they would like to collaborate with you and have you as their ambassador and you will get a tiny discount and a tiny commission from the sales you drive.

In this case, you won’t manually send 10k emails because that’s impossible. An automation service like Mailchimp will be used to send all these emails that’s why for some emails you will have to click unsubscribe to stop receiving them because the software automatically treats you as a subscriber.

These are all the secret magical strategies coaches don’t want to tell you until you show them the money. Did I forget anything? Let me know in the comments 👇🏻

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