Gods Won’t Help

It’s time to look back at our history and we will find all the answers we want if we connect the dots. Since ancient times people believed that gods will help them, but if we really look into it we will see that they never helped people.

Human sacrifice to please the gods

The Maya and Aztec people believed that human sacrifice was necessary to please the gods. Since the late 1970s, excavations of the offerings in the Great Pyramid of Tenochtitlan, and other archaeological sites, have provided physical evidence of human sacrifice among the Mesoamerican peoples. Sometimes they even did multiple sacrifices at once as shown in their drawings.

Aztecs sacrificed everything possible from animals, birds, and insects to adults and children, yet their gods never helped them. Many people in the city were killed by the Spanish. Most Aztec cities are conquered, and a siege of Tenochtitlán begins. In 1521 the last Aztec emperor, Cuauhtémoc, surrenders to Cortes. So all the blood and death didn’t help the Aztecs, it lead to their full destruction. And this is just one example from history that gods weren’t what people thought they were and this is still true today.

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