Can You Be The Opposite Of Your Toxic Family

If you come from a family with addiction, you will be an addict, if you were abused, you will abuse, but you can be the opposite of the darkness of your family.

Is not set in stone that what you lived when you were a child, you will do the same thing as an adult. I was born in an addicted family, especially the male side, but I never had an addiction. I never smoked, I never did drugs and I didn’t drunk alcohol daily or get drunk.

I got to see how life is with addiction and how it is without addiction and I got to choose which path I wanted.

If you saw violence when you grew up, you don’t need to become violent, you can be the opposite. If everyone did drugs, you don’t have to do it because you saw your parents doing it. You can stay sober and you can have a better family and a better life for your children.

Learn from the past, don’t repeat it.

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