“Thin privilege” needs to stop

Have you ever heard about “thin privilege” a made-up term where people with a healthy weight are bashed for it?

Even though every doctor will scream for health and would want their patients to have a HEALTHY weight, all other industries want you overweight and obese because you consume more of their products so they have bigger profits.

Having a healthy weight it’s not a privilege, it means you take care of yourself and your health, you eat healthy, you eat less fast food and giant donuts 🍩 and you are active. Plus size girls can do the same things too so they can have the same “privilege”.

Overweight girls complained that because of their weight they can’t find clothes as easily as thin privileged girls, I would like to make up a new privilege: short privilege.

I have a normal healthy “privileged” weight BUT I’m tall (6’1) and almost every piece of clothing is too short for me so let’s bash every short person for their privilege. (See how sick this approach is?)

I can’t cut my body to be shorter to fit, but overweight girls can have the “thin privilege” they scream against. They also complain that people stare at them, well people stare at me too like I’m a giant alien and I even have children pointing their fingers at me screaming “Momy, look how tall this girl is!“, but I can’t cut my bones 🦴, but you can cut the fatty foods, excessive consumption of sweets and try exercising every day. You gave up on the “privilege” you bash others for having.

Do you see how sick this is? How easy people are manipulated into seeing themselves as victims and bashing something that is healthy.

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