I Did A Case Study On A Case Study From An Instagram Guru. It Will Blow Your Mind

I don’t know why I still give these “free” webinars or trainings a chance because I’ve enrolled in dozens if not hundreds and they are all the same: long promotions glorifying the trainer or coach with little to no value for the viewers. People who usually find some value are the very beginners in business, but the training is not advertised for beginners.

I happened to enroll in this “free” training because I’ve been following the person on Instagram for a while and I liked the value she puts out and I was thinking that maybe the training will finally be a good one.

Lesson learned: when they say “I’m not that guru”, they are 😜

Long story short, I pressed play ▶️ on the video, it doesn’t have the progress bar so I can’t skip boring parts. They started saying how they started (the classic story of being unhappy at their jobs and working to build their own company, they finally reach that level where they could leave the job). Then they said how many people they have helped (thousands), then they gave a little bit of knowledge for the beginners and then they started with case studies and this is what caught my attention.

When I see a case study I go and check that person to see if they are real (I saw some fake ones) and to see how they are doing after they took the paid course and I randomly picked this case study.

Screenshot from the video

From these statements clearly, this lady found the course helpful, she even signed her first client (and maybe the only client as a coach 🤷🏻‍♀️). She made a website for her coaching business 👇🏻

Let’s see how she is doing today.

She changed her business from a business coach to a pregnancy photographer. A pretty big shift.

She grew the following from 958 to 2,570. The website link changed so she is not coaching anymore.

All her coaching posts are deleted (yes. I scrolled until the first post from 2012).

She abandoned social media. The last post was from January 27, 2022. I really hope her photography business is doing well in Sweden.

This case study is not on the website, it’s only in the video that was recorded a while ago so they didn’t go back and edit it out. She is not their ideal case study to show because she didn’t grow to 70k followers or made 6 figures because of their course.

That statement that they helped thousands of people it’s a trick. It’s a difference to have 6000 people that succeeded and made a living because of your course and have 6000 people that enrolled in the course and only a handful have a business that feeds them and pays the bills.

Being an employee for big corporations in the marketing department doesn’t mean you know how to help small businesses get off the ground. Marketing for a company that is doing hundreds of millions/year is totally different than marketing for a restaurant that just opened. First of all, that restaurant doesn’t have a team of designers, researchers and strategists like the corporation has. Also, no one can claim to have a course that will help everyone because even corporations lost millions in marketing campaigns. Marketing is not a fixed science that fits all if you follow a certain path.

Especially social media marketing is so different for each business and industry. Online marketing is more like experimenting and seeing what works for you, not if you do this you will succeed. Algorithms change so fast and so often that what worked for you last month might not work this month. Try different social media networks (Instagram, Facebook groups, Twitter, Tiktok), try different content formats (image, videos, lives, reels, stories, blogs, youtube shorts), research hashtags, learn customer psychology, basic design principles, branding, tone, style, etc. It’s helpful to know all this but there is no course that will teach you a secret method because there is no such thing as one path for all.

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