You’ve Been Groomed To Live in Fear and Stress

Why is it so hard to get rid of stress? Why it’s almost impossible to relax? WHY? I think I have the answer.

You’ve been groomed for it. Let me explain. Let’s go back to when you started school.

Since you enter the school system you will live the next 12 years in fear and stress and after all these years it’s already a pattern in your brain.

The school was designed to remove every drop of confidence you ever had and after you finish it you won’t believe that you can do something in your life or that you are ever good enough at anything.

After you lived 12 years fearing tests, quizzes, exams, teachers, students and grades, you will walk in life fearing “authority”, government, police (who are supposed to protect you), waiting on the approval of paperwork, permits, etc. Everything you can’t control the outcome will immediately trigger the fear and stress you were programmed in school. You have to be aware of this and consciously change this state day by day.

Every time fear kicks in, kick it out. Recognize the pattern and remove it with a relaxed state. It might not happen instantly, but with consistent effort, you can remove the fear you were thought.

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