A war on feminine and masculine energy ☯️

According to Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Lab (PEAR), the intention of a group of people can affect the physical world better than one individual also a man and a woman focusing on the same goal will achieve it faster together than alone.

Years of research proved that we need yin and yang to “manifest” and keep things in balance and here is how the system, the matrix or however you want to call it disrupt this: the gender agenda.

They actually try to wipe the genders and the feminine and masculine energies so we won’t be able to destroy their plan.

As I already said, everything that is pushed and becomes mainstream it’s part of the agenda because they never cared about people’s wellbeing, let alone a group like LGBTQ.

While there are transgender people that have a happy life after the transition, there is a group that is ignored by the mainstream press, detransitioners. These are the people that transitioned and become the opposite birth sex and now they realized that was a mistake and they would like to go back to the birth gender but that’s impossible now.

Listening to many detransitioners’ interviews often they use the word “brainwashed”. They say they have been brainwashed by what they saw on social media about transgender people and made them believe they were trans too when in reality they were not and they rushed into the transition process with not enough information and now they regret it.

But this is just the starting point of the madness, I have a more worrying impactor of their agenda of total destruction of the 2 energies ☯️

Now some children identify as “furries” (dogs, cats or any other animal).

“Clothing is one thing,” someone else replied, “but walking around on all fours hissing and scratching at people is a whole nother issue that is being ignored.”

The trend toward acting like a cat or dog is real. At an October Midland school board meeting, an eighth grader said she was “confused, as a student, why kids are walking around acting like cats and dogs.”

Speaking at about the 1:30-minute mark, she described a student who walked around the school with a long cat tail, cat ears and “little bells that jingled everywhere she went.”

“I was also walking down the hallway three weeks ago when a boy wearing dog ears barked at me and my friend as we passed,” she said, adding the boy left the school building on all fours.

“I don’t understand why these kids are acting so un-human and not happy with themselves,” she said. “These things just made me feel uncomfortable and so unnecessary as to why they’re barking at me, and it’s very distracting during school days.”

In Kentucky earlier this school year, officials were perplexed by a group of middle school students who dressed and acted like cats, apparently after accepting a social media challenge, according to a report by news station WLWT.

Other students felt threatened by the furries, who would “hiss at you and scratch at you if they don’t like something you’re doing,” the report said.

I don’t know if this is a war against gender or they try to confuse people on the human identity, soul and energy getting people far away from their true essence.


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