How to make money for real

That 6-figure secret Instagram coaches know is not working. Here is the real deal.

If you have a business, making 6-figures doesn’t mean you are successful even though the majority of Instagram business gurus tell you this.

Success is not measured by money, it’s measured by the impact you have.

When you finally made some money from your job or business, what do you do with them? The system programmed you to go and spend hundreds of dollars on designer clothes and accessories that you don’t really need just to show the world that you finally made and you are rich.

Spending $500 on a billion-dollar brand doesn’t mean anything to them, it’s an insignificant amount of money, but if you donate $500 to a camping for a person that is begging for donations of any amount to pay their medical bill, is going to save their life.

That person paid taxes and health insurance, was healthy for decades, but one time they had a medical emergency and now they have to pay tens of thousands of dollars to the medical system. Here your money can have an impact.

It’s an energetic law, when you donate to help others, even $5 if that is what you can afford, you will get more money back. You have to genuinely want to help. You can’t use it as an investment: donate $5 to get $500 back. Sometimes you won’t get money the next day because you donated, but when you will have a hard time and need money, you will get it and I tell you this from experience. When you help you will be helped.

Use your money to help people and animals, not to feed the system that is killing us.

Yesterday I donated to this campaign.

The lady needs $75,000 and currently, $20,000 have been raised. Susie suffered an unexpected aortic aneurysm which led to a severe blood loss to her brain and limbs. Because of the blood loss to the brain, she also endured a strokeShe lost almost all function of her legs and cannot currently walk. Her left arm has about 30% function, and her vision is severely impaired.

The funds raised will go directly towards:

  • Medical Bills
  • Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapy
  • Doctor Visits
  • Medical Equipment
  • Home Modifications
  • Handicapable Vehicle
  • Living Expenses
  • Loss of Income

Susie is a normal person, like me and you who worked her entire life and paid almost half of her income in taxes to the system that doesn’t care about us and now she has to beg online for a chance. Let’s help her!


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